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Affiliations & Certifications

At Red Dot Buildings, we strive to ensure that our customers have full confidence in the quality and professionalism we bring to every custom metal building project. As an IAS AC472-accredited manufacturer, we are continuously evaluated by independent third-party inspection agencies to ensure that our standards meet and exceed industry regulations. Our customers can rely on our commitment to quality and safety and our ability to deliver effective solutions for their metal building needs. The rigorous IAS accreditation process covers all aspects of welding, fabrication, and engineering practices. To maintain accreditation, we must maintain our own quality assurance programs, periodic inspections, and thorough record-keeping.

Why IAS Accreditation Matters

Developed specifically for metal building providers, IAS AC472 is determined by the International Accreditation Service and based on Chapter 17 of the International Building Code. This code allows IAS officials and third-party inspectors alike to objectively evaluate structural welding, cold form steel fabrication, and engineering practices.


In order to maintain IAS accreditation, manufacturers are also required to maintain their own comprehensive quality assurance programs and pass periodic inspections against the following factors:

  • Welding machine condition and calibration

  • Welding practices and procedures

  • Engineering practices

  • Materials safety and storage

  • Internal auditing

  • Record keeping

  • Vendor quality

  • Ability to manufacture buildings according to approved plans and standards

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