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Architects & Engineers

Our goal is to align our capabilities starting at the design stage in an effort to produce a metal building system that Architects and Engineers will greatly appreciate. We have a variety of front-end capabilities when it comes to aiding Architects in planning a metal building system. Our ability to advise with suggestions or to comply with the stated intent has proven to bring depth to our repeat design partners. We offer section details, optimal frame layouts, guidance on insulation that work with IECC requirements, and much more. We can assist with preliminary information on the front end that will guide the project design in the right direction. Through collaboration, we can implement design strategies that will allow structural steel and metal building systems to tie into each other, creating what we call a hybrid structure. 

Before full design, we enjoy working with structural engineers with our design support, which can be tapped into for several reasons, with preliminary information about estimated building performance. We can advise once we have a certain amount of information about the location, finishes, and purpose of the building.

Once under contract on a project, we work with a 3D design software called Tekla. This modeling program increases our collaborative effort when BIM is important on projects.

Our approval drawings are known to be thorough, with the ability to convey information accurately as our drawings pass through many internal QC procedures. We are known to follow projects all the way through to punch list. We know some projects can present challenges, but we have proven for 60 years our commitment to excellence.


Please contact us today if you are interested in teaming up with Red Dot Buildings on your next project.

Red Dot Buildings can provide assistance in these areas:

  • Architectural design options

  • Design assistance and spanning capabilities

  • Solutions for engineering and design/load issues

  • Details on required supports, bracing, and load tables

  • Code requirements

  • Roofing system options

  • Green building applications

  • Available colors, styles, and finishes

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