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Design & Detailing


Design & Detailing



At Red Dot Buildings, our design and detailing process for metal buildings is a meticulous and
comprehensive undertaking that forms the cornerstone of our successful construction projects. We
recognize the critical importance of accurate planning, efficient manufacturing, and precise execution in delivering exceptional results to our clients.


Our process begins with a deep understanding of our client's unique requirements and project
specifications. We engage in open and collaborative discussions to capture all essential details, including building usage, dimensions, layout, structural needs, and any specific design preferences. By fostering effective communication, we ensure that we have a comprehensive grasp of the project vision.


Once we have gathered the initial requirements, our experienced design team commences the
development of the structural design. Utilizing cutting-edge computer-aided design (CAD) software, we create a highly detailed 3D model of the metal building. This model enables accurate visualization of the layout, structural components, and overall aesthetics, allowing our clients to have a clear representation of the final product.


Throughout the design process, we place great emphasis on factors such as load requirements, wind and seismic considerations, and adherence to building codes and regulations. Our design team collaborates closely with skilled structural engineers to ensure the integrity, strength, and safety compliance of the building design.

Simultaneously, our detail-oriented experts focus on the critical task of detailing. This involves
generating precise and comprehensive fabrication drawings, assembly plans, and connection details. Our detailing team works in close coordination with the design team to ensure that every aspect of the metal building is accurately captured, including dimensioning, component specifications, connections, and any additional features required.


We maintain a strong emphasis on quality control throughout the design and detailing process. Rigorous checks and reviews are conducted to ensure the accuracy, consistency, and adherence to project specifications. By verifying connections, component compatibility, and compliance with industry standards and codes, we guarantee the highest level of quality in our final deliverables.

Once the design and detailing process is finalized, we provide the fabrication team and construction crew with the comprehensive drawings and specifications necessary for their respective tasks. Our fabrication team relies on the detailed drawings to manufacture the required components with precision, while our construction crew follows the assembly plans to ensure accurate erection of the metal building on-site.

With our unwavering commitment to effective communication, collaboration, and attention to detail,
Red Dot Buildings ensures that our design and detailing process consistently delivers outstanding
results. By employing advanced design software, collaborating with experienced engineers, and
conducting thorough quality checks, we bring our clients' visions to life, providing structurally sound, visually appealing, and tailor-made metal buildings that exceed expectations.

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