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Industrial and commercial developers are evaluated on the strength, durability, and quality of their properties and projects. That’s why metal building systems are essential for any developer interested in developing a unique portfolio of properties including shopping centers, warehouses, office buildings, malls, and much more.


Every metal building is unique and customized to the needs of each owner; each can incorporate virtually any dimension, so meeting a company's special needs is not a high-priced add-on. A metal building's structural system provides maximum flexibility to create a variety of floor plan configurations: L's, U's, squares, rectangles, and more. Column-free interior space allows complete freedom in the design of showrooms, offices, retail space and so much more.


In addition, the steel spans of a metal framing system are designed to easily reconfigure building areas, allowing quick accommodation for changes in function, ownership, equipment and regulations. Ease of expansion can be built right into the original design. Mechanical additions and interior electrical layout alternatives are also feasible because of the framing advantages.

Advantages of partnering with Red Dot include:

  • Single-source control and accountability for design, manufacturing, and erection

  • Fast-tracked design creation

  • Versatility and flexibility in design and material options

  • Lower project costs

  • Energy efficiency

  • Attractive designs

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