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Frequently Asked Questions

At Red Dot Buildings, we create custom-engineered metal buildings and hybrid steel buildings for clients throughout Texas. We also offer various additional construction services. Custom-engineered metal buildings and hybrid steel buildings are perfect for agricultural, church, farm, and educational facilities. Commercial steel buildings are our specialty, but we also build metal- and steel-frame residential buildings. Below, we've answered some of your frequently-asked questions.

How Long Does it Take to Erect a Steel Building?

The construction of a steel building depends entirely upon the client’s needs, requirements, and specifications. Because steel buildings are designed to match client needs, delivery time typically ranges from six to eight weeks. The first step we will take will be to review your specifications. Afterward, steps toward the construction of your steel building will commence. Steel building construction is typically much faster than the construction of traditional buildings.

What Types of Steel Buildings are Available for Homes?

We offer high-quality steel tube leg buildings that are specifically designed for homes and barndominiums. Sometimes, you'll see companies advertising steel or metal home packages when it's wood-framed homes with sheet metal siding that they’re selling.

What are Prefabricated Steel Buildings?

Prefabricated steel buildings are building systems that are precisely engineered for a specific location. They are constructed and fabricated based on their intended use and specifications detailed by the owner. The majority of the labor that these types of buildings require is completed before the building is delivered. This goes for the welding and cuts as well.

What are the Benefits of Prefabricated Steel Buildings?

Regarding prefabricated steel buildings, there is a wide range of benefits to reap. The benefits of prefabricated steel buildings include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Durable

  • Flexibility

  • Versatility

  • Non-combustible

  • Quick delivery

  • Quick erection time

  • Easy to expand if needed

  • Easy to bolt together

  • Simple construction

  • Customized to your needs

Does Buying a Steel Building Save You Money?

Prefab buildings are one of the more economical options when building a brand-new building. They are designed where minimal materials are wasted, which helps cut down on unnecessary costs. They are quick construction, too, which reduces the cost of labor. With standard designs, you’ll enjoy minimal maintenance and long-term savings.

Are Steel Buildings Insulated?

Yes, steel buildings are insulated. Most steel buildings have about six inches of vinyl-backed insulation on the roof and four inches in the walls.

What Does a Steel Building Foundation Need?

Typically, steel builds are constructed upon piers or a perimeter foundation. Some steel buildings—such as farms and barndominiums—only require piers. For steel buildings utilizing concrete slabs for foundations, it's important to note that they are typically poured at the same time as perimeter foundations. When determining what your steel building foundation will need, it’s important to first determine what your building will be used for, its specific requirements, and the customizations.

Can Someone Else Build My Steel Building for Me?

Yes, of course. If you’d rather not erect the building yourself, we provide a service to complete the project for you. This is the most simple, stress-free method to have your steel building erected.

Can I Expand My Steel Building?

Yes, you can expand your steel building if you so choose. If you would like to do this later on, we suggest opting for expandable walls. This will allow your steel building to have frames added on later.

Contact Red Dot Buildings Today to Learn More

At Red Dot Buildings, we serve the construction needs of architects, engineers, developers, contractors, and erectors throughout Texas. Please feel free to reach out if you have any additional questions that still need to be addressed on this page. We'd be happy to answer any questions and address any concerns you may have. Contact us today to learn more about our services or schedule a consultation with our expert team. We look forward to working with you.

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