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Hybrid Steel Buildings

Hybrid Steel is a versatile approach that utilizes the strengths of different materials to optimize the performance, functionality, and aesthetics of the building.

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Hybrid Steel Buildings

Red Dot is an industry leader in Class “A” structural steel fabrication. Our success begins with a full-circle commitment to quality and service. Along with our IAS AC-472 pre-engineered metal building certification, we also hold the industry-required AISC certification which allows Red Dot to offer the complete design, fabrication, and erection of your low-rise hybrid buildings.


All Red Dot welders and fitters are qualified and in compliance with AWS D1.1 and D1.3 codes of welded construction. In addition, Red Dot also has AWS-certified welding inspectors on staff.

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Why Choose Red Dot to Build Your Hybrid Steel Building

Red Dot expertly blends the advantages of pre-engineered construction with the flexibility and efficiency of hybrid designs, ensuring a durable and customizable structure that meets your specific needs.

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