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Agricultural Metal Structures

Learn more about agricultural metal buildings and how Red Dot can help provide you with quality steel farm buildings for various purposes, depending on whether you’re into crop farming or livestock farming.

Agricultural Steel Structures

Red Dot provides a wide array of metal building systems and solutions for your agricultural needs. Explore our extensive portfolio of agricultural structures and let us know what we can build for you.

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How Metal Farm Buildings Can Help Your Agricultural Business

The following are some of the ways in which a metal farm building stands to benefit your agricultural business:


Durable, Low-Upkeep Storage


Due to the durability and low-maintenance nature of metal farm buildings, they serve as excellent storage facilities. You can use these buildings as hay storage, farming equipment and machinery storage, shelter for your livestock, and harvested crops storage. They’re also easier to clean and resistant to warping or cracking.


Climate Control

Metal farm buildings come fitted with additional accessories such as ventilation, insulation, and skylights, which ensure that your livestock is in an aerated space where they’re protected from harsh weather conditions.


Pest Prevention


One of the best things about metal farm buildings is that they’re resistant to rot or even pest infestation, meaning you don’t need to worry about pests getting to your livestock or harvested crops. 


Customization Options


Metal farm buildings are easily customizable to suit your needs, whether you want to utilize them as workshops, storage units, dairy buildings, or other uses. If you need to expand due to growth, it’s super easy to install additions to steel farm buildings.


Types of Metal Farm Buildings and Customization Options Available 

  • Regular horse barn: These are metal farm buildings designed to stable your horses.

  • Carolina barn: Also known as the ridgeline barn, the Carolina barn is fitted with an A-frame structure and horizontal ridges. The Carolina barn is very convenient for storing farming equipment, farm produce, vehicles, and others. A Carolina barn is characterized by boxed eave roof styles well as vertical roof style barns.

  • Continuous roof barn: Also referred to as Seneca barn, this type of metal farm building is more durable than other types. This type of metal farm building is fitted with an A-frame structure which ensures that water can easily slide off during the rainy season. 


When customizing, there are a few options available. You can customize by color, roof style, and dimension. You can also add additional lean-to structures.




If you need an agricultural steel building installed on your farm,                      today at Red Dot and let us cater to your needs. Red Dot is renowned for providing various metal building systems that cater to all agricultural needs.

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