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Direct Consumers

For the DIY builder, Red Dot offers REDI-BUILD and REDI-MADE building systems, perfect for garages, workshops, storage spaces, and anything in between, all at the best possible price.

REDI-BUILD and REDI-MADE buildings are available in a variety of standard or custom sizes perfect for nearly any project. These buildings are easy to assemble with bolts and screws — no welding required — and are engineered to meet common permit requirements. They can be built without professional assistance, and come standard with easy-to-follow instructions, saving you thousands of dollars in erection costs.

Advantages to using Red Dot for your personal building project include:

  • Low cost

  • Easy assembly

  • Quick delivery

  • Quality instructions and erection drawings

  • Stamped engineered drawings for obtaining permits

  • Construction services (if needed)

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