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Mission Statement & Core Values

As a family-owned and operated business since 1963, it has been the focus of Red Dot to honor God by living out the principles of excellence, integrity, and generosity in everything we do and with all we have been entrusted.

Our Values: In all that we do, serve others with EXCELLENCE, view others as VALUABLE, and treat others with COMPASSION. Trust in the potential of teammates; helping each to prosper and flourish at Red Dot.

Our Mission: To bring glory to God by turning our success into lasting significance.

Our Responsibility: "We are blessed to be a blessing to others. Blessings first come to us and then flow through us." (see 2 Corinthians 9:6-11,13)

Our Commitment: "With humility and enthusiasm, Red Dot will use its success to push back darkness in this world -- giving to Christ-focused organizations dedicated to serving the impoverished, the orphaned, and the helpless." (see Hebrews 13:16 and Psalm 112:4-5, 9)

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