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Spotlight: Melissa ISD Practice Facility

Red Dot Buildings is proud to have built the new Practice Football Facility for Melissa ISD located in Melissa, TX. This large practice facility is a 200 ft. wide by 300 ft. long PEMB structure which connects 10 conventional buildings together. Red Dot was key in the building process from detailing and fabrication to the erection of the steel structure.

One unique feature Red Dot's team learned while building this new facility was the counterbalance stairs and how to incorporate them into the scope of the facility's design, as you can see below.

What was different about building this new facility, as well as challenging, was the integration of Red Dot’s PEMB capabilities coupled with our structural steel manufacturing and erection expertise. Pairing these capabilities together offered the customer a turnkey product that encompassed the entire building package, while also showing off Red Dot’s ability to design, produce, and install a project with massive clearspans and heights, insulated metal panels, and structural steel, thus molding it all together into a complete, impressive finished product. Take a look below at the tremendous results the Red Dot team achieved and for more info click the link below.


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