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Prefabricated Metal Warehouses & Industrial Steel Buildings

Durable, attractive, sustainable, and cost-effective, steel is one of the most popular options in commercial construction today.

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Industrial Steel Buildings

Typically, industrial steel buildings consist of steel truss, columns, beams, and other steel components. These parts are usually connected through rivets, bolts, or welds.


The primary purpose of industrial buildings is goods storage. Prefabricated steel buildings make excellent warehouses and distribution centers because adequate space is of great importance when building a warehouse. Steel industrial buildings do just that: They offer ample space and a large span. Plus, they're light compared to structures of the same strength.


Find out more about the benefits of Red Dot’s steel building construction for your warehouse, manufacturing, or industrial applications. 



Generally, there are various standard building sizes for industrial structures with different widths, lengths, and heights. However, clients can customize their warehouses if they need something other than the traditional warehouse designs. In such a case, our designers will help you draft your plans.


During the draft process, we will also help you with optional features like skylights and window positioning. Warehouse owners also have a chance to choose between various door systems like roll-up, overhead doors, and scissors gates. All these options are available in different widths and heights.


We can help our clients customize the downspouts to direct snowmelt or rainwater away from the structure's foundation, preventing flooding and preserving the building's integrity.

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Typically, steel materials are non-combustible, hence safer for building warehouses compared to other materials like wood. In case of a fire outbreak, the ceiling panels, steel frames, wall panels, and other steel components will not burn.


While the building might be inflammable, the stored goods might be flammable, hence the importance of installing a fire sprinkler system.


Clear Span Construction


Steel materials usually possess incredible strength, which makes them ideal for clear span construction. This means there is no need for load-bearing columns or walls to hold the warehouse's roof. The steel frames have enough strength to hold up the roof by themselves. If you wish to build your warehouse with a clear span design, you can build a 150-250 feet wide structure without columns.


For wider buildings, we usually recommend placing a load-bearing column at the center. With the center column, you can construct a wider warehouse with more than 250 feet.


With steel structures, you can still expand your warehouse if you require more space in the future. With a clear span design, you can construct your warehouse with a height of 40 feet, thus providing great space.




Another benefit of building steel industrial structures is that they can withstand significant snow loads and high winds. We utilize proper tools to put together the steel parts during construction, which helps obtain the required structural strength. In most cases, steel buildings exceed the laid building codes in most states.
















Affordable and Easy Construction


Prefabricated steel buildings are easy to erect as there are usually no delays when the construction commences. All the constructing parts perfectly fit together, including the steel panels and the frame parts.


As a result, the labor cost when building a steel structure is usually lower with no extra building materials. And the steel material is easily affordable and environmentally friendly.


In addition, most steel materials used in warehouse construction are quick and easy to weld, form, and cut. As a result, most of these materials are usually on-site within a short period, thus speeding up the building process.


The sooner the building is constructed, the sooner you can profit from it. With this in mind, our team works to complete your warehouse within the shortest time possible.


Aesthetically Pleasing


If you're building a warehouse with the mind to sell it in the future, building a steel structure is an ideal option. With the various panel colors available, steel structures will offer you a great exterior look.


The available PBR wall panel colors include Sagebrush Tan, Evergreen, Polar White, Aztec Blue, Light-Stone, Brick Red, and Fox Grey. Galvalume and painted galvanized roll coils are the most used in PBR panel production.


The PBR panels offer excellent impact resistance, physical resistance, hardness, color, and gloss of the polyester paint. Clients can also add external-facing materials to boost the structure's attractiveness.


Low Maintenance


Unlike other building materials like wood, steel materials can withstand mildew and rot effects. As a result, you will no longer require regular pest control measures, reducing your maintenance costs. Steel structures also usually last much longer, with a guarantee of over 25 years.


If you’re in need of sturdy industrial metal buildings, be sure to contact Red Dot right away. Our team has high-quality skills in erecting industrial steel warehouses, and we commit to offering all our clients quality services. For more information about our prefabricated steel services, call today!

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