Hangar No. 1 at National WASP Museum

March 19th, 2018 by adcetera

In 2017 Red Dot was given the opportunity to be a part of the recreation of “HANGAR No.1” at Avenger Field in Sweetwater, Texas. Architect David Zobrist wanted every detail as close as possible to the original while still retaining the benefits of current construction practices. Zobrist designed the building to be a flawless recreation of the original hangar from the outside, while housing the new climate controlled WASP museum on the inside. Today the hangar hosts a collection of exhibits and artifacts from the WWII program of Women Air force Service Pilots, museum archives with a research library, a gift shop, offices and a catering kitchen.

After the attack on Pearl Harbor, trained pilots were in high demand. With the men serving in the war, twenty-eight civilian female pilots volunteered to take on the task of ferrying trainer aircraft to the flight schools in the south. This group went on to form the country’s first female squadron in the summer of 1942. For the next two years the WASP continued to aide in the war effort through a broad range of aviation-related jobs, serving at over 120 bases around the country.

Steve McElhany, Red Dot’s sales representative on the project, was excited to be part of the initial planning of such a meaningful project. Steve noted that, “many hours were spent with Red Dot’s design team capturing some of the unique features of the original structure such as the hangar doors, the panel installation, and the curvature of the barrel roof.” He felt that the project was special, not only because of the unique design of the building, but because of the history that it preserves for future generations. This was a rare project, with a great story behind it, and Red Dot was honored to be a part of it.