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Who We Serve

  • Architects and Engineers – Our expert team collaborates with architects and engineers to create durable, efficient, high-quality metal buildings that meet their specifications and requirements.

  • Developers – We provide developers with a diverse range of metal buildings that can be tailored to meet any specific needs. Our team works closely with developers to ensure their projects are delivered on time and within budget.

  • Contractors – We partner with contractors to offer engineering, manufacturing, and design support, helping them to complete their projects efficiently and cost-effectively. We ensure that materials are delivered on time and that the construction process goes smoothly.

  • Erectors – With over 60 years of experience erecting metal buildings, we create our designs with the metal building erection process in mind, streamlining the erection process for erectors. We provide detailed plans and instructions to ensure a smooth and seamless erection process.

  • End Users – We cater to a wide range of customers, from large international general contractors to local individuals. For those in need of a basic metal structure, we offer simple and easy-to-assemble steel buildings that do not require welding. These buildings are perfect for low-complexity metal building projects and serve as an ideal solution for DIY builders.

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