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Are metal structures the best solution for housing breweries and distilleries?

Custom Engineered Brewery and Distillery Buildings in Texas

Collaborate with Red Dot Buildings for unparalleled expertise and customer service for the erection of your state-of-the-art metal brewery or distillery. Our cutting-edge bespoke designs and meticulous craftsmanship guarantee excellence in the foundational part of opening your new business. Our comprehensive turnkey solutions ensure a seamless erection experience from inception to completion.

Our buildings will be engineered according the specific site requirements for your unique distillery or brewery. As you know, breweries and distilleries have hyper-specific needs. They often include large open spaces for large equipment that requires ample space. They need large spaces for kitchens, dining rooms, and tasting rooms. From decades of construction experience working with architects creating cutting edge designs, Red Dot provides the construction experience to bring any creative design to life for aesthetically

pleasing large open spaces. Experience the superior durability and flexibility of metal compared to other building construction materials along with the expert, professional service you need to get your new brewery or distillery open and serving customers.

Understanding The Magnificence of Metal Buildings

Our metal building systems provide an optimal solution for breweries and distilleries, seamlessly integrating structural elements to establish a highly efficient network. Our systems guarantee the utmost building integrity with top-notch structural steel primary frames, cold-formed steel for secondary purlin and girt components, and metal roof and wall cladding solutions.

Our modular rigid frames are the perfect solution for breweries and distilleries that need wide open spaces without interior columns. These frames provide the ideal choice, ensuring expansive areas for operations while maintaining structural integrity. These frames offer unparalleled design flexibility, allowing for easy layout alterations and future expansion

with utmost simplicity. Moreover, our metal buildings effortlessly span extensive widths and lengths, whether or not additional interior support is required.

The distinctive advantage lies in our ability to utilize engineered frames instead of mill sections. This approach enables our engineers to design the most efficient shape for your building frame, strategically placing steel material where it is needed and omitting where it is not, ensuring optimal economic efficiency without compromising design integrity.

Strength & Reliability

With a robust framing system, these structures provide excellent support for your clients'

operations. Purlins are strategically placed to enhance strength against wind sheer, while a diaphragm action creates an effective bracing system against lateral forces. Even without siding, these buildings outperform many other structures, making them an ideal choice for distilleries and breweries.

Infinite Possibilities with Metal Building Systems

Unlock the potential of metal building systems for your distillery or brewery clients with Red Dot Buildings. Our metal building designs are capable of interfacing with wide range of aesthetic elements, including pre-painted metal, glass, brick, wood, concrete, and masonry finishes. The endless design possibilities allow you to transform your client's vision of the perfect distillery or brewery into reality.

Our clear span framing architecture allows for any building configuration, providing ample space for an open dining area in a restaurant and allowing your clients to arrange their distillery or brewing equipment. Appreciate the durability and low maintenance of our standing seam metal roofs, available in a palette of colors to match any theme or design aesthetic.

Our turnkey solutions deliver quality at an affordable price, with fast delivery and erection. This ensures your clients' new ventures can get up and running quickly without compromising quality or design.

Benefits of Partnering with Us

  • Sustainability: Metal buildings from Red Dot are not just robust and durable; they're also sustainable. They incorporate a high percentage of recycled content, contributing to LEED credits, and are 100% recyclable at the end of their useful life.

  • Quick Erection: Our streamlined, efficient erection process reduces build times, ensuring your project stays on schedule. This quick turnaround is possible because our custom, prefabricated steel structures are built off-site, reducing the amount of on-site labor, waste, and time.

  • Reliability: Steel's inherent strength and resistance to extreme weather conditions make it a reliable choice for distillery and brewery buildings. Our steel structures are designed and engineered to meet all local building codes for wind and snow loads.

  • Durability: Metal buildings are resistant to decay, mold, and pests, and they can withstand harsh environmental conditions. This durability translates into lower maintenance costs and a longer lifespan for the structure.

  • Quick & Affordable Repairs: In the unlikely event of damage, steel buildings are easier and more cost-effective to repair compared to traditional construction materials. This is because individual components can be replaced rather than entire sections.

  • Open Space: Our metal buildings are free of interior columns, providing an unobstructed space that can be customized for any layout. This open space allows maximum equipment placement and workflow design flexibility in your distillery or brewery.

Embark on a Custom Metal Building Venture

If the aim is to increase the company's floor area or initiate a new venture, you can rely on Red Dot Buildings for bespoke metal structures in Texas. Our team is comprised of erection experts and engineering consultants providing end-to-end solutions for new building projects. Since 1963, we have taken pride in being an active community participant, assisting others in achieving their business ownership dreams with metal building erection. Meaningful connections have been established with numerous local charities and ministries. This dedication to community also extends to customers. Get in touch with the team today for more information about our custom steel buildings and to ascertain if they are a good fit for your small-scale enterprise.

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