Custom Steel Building Construction

Durable, attractive, sustainable, and cost-effective, steel is one of the most popular options in residential and commercial construction today.


Metal Buildings

Complex, adaptable steel buildings for sophisticated projects

Red Dot specializes in complex custom and pre-engineered metal building projects, and our signature commitment to quality has marked projects both big and small for over 50 years. Combining state-of-the-art design, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities, as well as erection services, Red Dot has all the expertise necessary to be your single-source supplier on your next building project — no matter how complex the scope of the project may be.

Looking to build your dream metal home? 

Structural steel buildings are a great option for your residential needs, from metal shops all the way to your dream home. No project is too small - contact Red Dot Buildings to get started on your residential steel building project! 

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