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Metal Buildings: The Future of Industrial Construction

Red Dot Buildings Is the Leading Building Contractor

For over 60 years, Red Dot Buildings has been leading the way in metal building construction in Austin, Houston, DFW, Oklahoma City, San Antonio, and throughout Texas. Every building is unique. Each one needs to be designed and constructed to the exact specifications of the engineer to comply with local and federal regulations while also serving the owner's needs. The solution is metal building construction. As your full-service expert, we offer comprehensive design and construction services for industrial buildings. Our decades of industry experience have allowed us to refine our services to provide the best solutions. Discover why metal buildings are the future of industrial construction.

Is a Metal Building Right for My Facility?

Whether you're planning on constructing a commercial unit, school, factory, power plant, warehouse, or other industrial facility, a metal building is always a great option. Design flexibility is one of the most significant advantages of choosing a steel construction for your facility. The modular design of steel buildings allows near-unlimited configurations and customization without adding considerable build time to the project. This unique, pre-engineered feature offers flexibility to meet specific needs while providing significant advantages, including the following:

· Fast Construction – Trained contractors will have all the proper experience, equipment, and construction materials necessary to ensure there are no unexpected delays to construction.

· Reduce Construction Costs – One of the most significant costs associated with building construction is unexpected delays. Pre-engineered metal buildings are a cost-effective alternative to other types of construction materials.

Are Metal Buildings Durable Enough for My Needs?

Yes. Custom metal buildings are made using high-quality materials and engineering techniques that can withstand the wear and tear of even the most extreme interior and exterior conditions. They require very little maintenance throughout the years for proper upkeep and are water resistant, making them the preferred building type for facilities and processes that utilize water and moisture. Also, due to the modular nature of steel-constructed buildings, they can be easily expanded to meet the growing needs of the operation.

Steel Buildings Are an Environmentally Friendly Option

How much are you spending on heat and air conditioning throughout the year? Whether you're required to maintain a specific temperature inside the facility for your operation or want to lower operation costs while keeping your employees comfortable, metal buildings are the best option. Their unique construction and proper insulation ensure your facility maintains an even temperature during the hottest days of the summer. Helping you save money on utility costs is just one of the ways metal buildings are the future of industrial construction.

Discover Why You Should Partner With Red Dot Buildings

When it comes to innovative industrial construction, choosing the right partner is critical. At Red Dot Buildings, we work with a wide variety of specialists, including architects, engineers, developers, contractors, erectors, and end users, to design, deliver, and construct the perfect facility for commercial and industrial use. Our team has the knowledge and experience to help bring your design to life. Learn more about how we're leading the way in metal building construction:

· Award-Winning Member of Metal Building Contractors & Erectors Association

· IAS Accredited

· Over 60 Years of Serving the Community

· Member of the AISC

· Partnership With Charities and Ministries

· Access to the Latest Technology

Get Ahead of the Industry With a New Steel Building in Texas

Since 1963, Red Dot Buildings has been the leader in custom metal buildings and steel construction throughout Texas. We maintain our position by offering high-quality products, attentive services, and a commitment to our customers. Our knowledgeable and experienced team of designers and erectors can help you refine the vision you have for your commercial, residential, or industrial facility and make it a reality using high-quality materials and proper construction methods. Get started today with a building consultation.

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