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What are the Key Considerations When Designing Pickleball and Soccer Arenas

Are Steel Buildings Right for Pickleball and Soccer Arenas?

Pickleball is one of the fastest-growing sports in the country. Are you ready to capitalize? Red Dot Buildings can design and construct custom metal buildings for sports arenas in Austin, DFW, Houston, Oklahoma City, San Antonio, and across Texas. Whether you're a business owner considering opening a sports arena or a local governing body searching for ways to improve your sports and recreation infrastructure, a custom metal building is the best choice. As a local business, we understand the importance of providing opportunities for kids and adults in the community to stay active. There are numerous benefits to choosing us to design and erect a custom metal building. We can help you develop one to fit your specific needs. Learn more about how custom metal buildings play a critical role in the growth of soccer, basketball, pickleball, and other sports.

Do Custom Metal Buildings Provide Enough Design Flexibility?

Custom metal buildings provide you with nearly unlimited flexibility regarding the size and layout of the structure. Whether you require a steel building for a few pickleball courts or a large sports complex for numerous courts and fields, a steel building can be built to your exact specifications. Architects and design engineers can help with the arena's layout, including court placement, seating arrangement, locker rooms, and other areas, to maximize your space's square footage and ensure a positive experience for athletes, spectators, coaches, and members.

What Are Some Key Considerations for My Sports Arena?

Custom metal buildings can be designed for nearly any size in-door sports arena. However, there are numerous other benefits to choosing a custom steel building that improves the experience for athletes, fans, and the community. Don't settle for a standard sports facility. Discover how the benefits of our custom metal sports arenas can elevate your facility:

· Improved Safety – Many fans will be in attendance during large soccer or pickleball tournaments. An indoor custom metal sports arena allows you to restrict the number of spectators. Your indoor facility will also prevent any unauthorized court usage after hours.

· Better Lighting – Outdoor sports courts and fields require massive, inefficient lighting systems for late-night games and practices. However, an indoor sports arena ensures even lighting during the evening.

· Less Court Maintenance – Extreme heat, rain, and less-than-ideal outdoor conditions can cause significant damage to the court or field, including cracks in the concrete, uneven footing on fields, and preventable wear to equipment. The continual field and court maintenance costs can quickly add up over the years and lead to abandoned facilities.

· Year-Round Usage – Avoid practice cancellations and games being rescheduled with an indoor sports arena. You can enjoy consistent indoor conditions that provide peace of mind, knowing it's always game on.

· Unobstructed Views – The fan experience should be fun and exciting, not frustrating. Our sports arenas are designed to provide unobstructed views for spectators.

Are Steel Buildings Durable Enough for Sports Arenas?

Due to inclement weather conditions and continual wear and tear from sports, you may wonder if steel custom metal buildings are durable enough for your sports arena. The short answer is yes. Steel buildings are durable enough for your sports arena. Steel is an extremely sturdy building material, and our facilities are engineered with the latest designs to maximize building integrity. Learn more about the benefits of building a sports arena using steel:

· Stands Up Better to Extreme Weather Conditions

· Requires Very Little Maintenance

· Steel Isn't Susceptible to Rodent and Insect Damage

· Once Coated, Steel Won't Rust or Oxidize

· Maintains Rigidity for Decades

Let Red Dot Buildings Design Your Sports Arena

Whether you're creating a place to allow for the expansion of pickleball in your area or want a versatile sports arena for a wide variety of different activities, Red Dot Buildings can assist. We work with architects, engineers, erectors, developers, and contractors who want to expand their services by designing custom metal buildings. Each customer has unique requirements to ensure the success of their project. Our team will collaborate closely with you to ensure no detail is overlooked. Since 1963, we have been at the forefront of custom metal building design, engineering, and construction. Throughout that time, we've maintained our status through continual innovation and education. Discover how we can assist you in creating a custom sports arena. Schedule your design consultation today.

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