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Spotlight : Sherman ISD Practice Facility

Red Dot is honored to have built Sherman High School's new indoor practice facility located in Sherman, TX. This project was over two years in the making, which saw unfavorable ground conditions throughout the building process but were overcome by the ingenuity and fortitude of Red Dot employees and the contractors working on the facility. A standard feature incorporated in Red Dot's practice facility’s like Sherman High School's is the trapezoidal standing seam roof that offers a weather tight and durable roof system against the elements. Along with that the facility is designed to support netting with a fall protection linear system integrated into it. One unique feature to this build were the Centria side wall panels and soffits that were included in this particular facility. A side building was also attached to the practice facility’s end wall which Red Dot provided the roof and wall sheeting for the accompanying building. Take a look down below at the great results from this build.


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